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Design, simulation and analysis

We are engaged in conceptual sketches, detailed part designs and also related tool and mould design.

The Phenec Composite Consulting GmbH covers the complete scope of engineering and part design.

•  Part design in consideration fabrication and tooling aspects
•  Stress analyses and evaluation
•  Appropriate dimensioning of composite in regards to their loading
•  Tool design
•  Consideration of design inputs in the early part and tool definition phase

Our engineers have much experience and sure instinct dealing with the design of composite parts and the related tooling. Supported by modern CAD systems the best possible design for fibre reinforced components and tooling is guaranteed.

With the aid of advanced simulation and analysis methods we are able to analyse complex parts that are exposed to different stresses and strains. A virtual image is loaded to create evidence of material behaviour and deformation. I that way optimization can be carried out already in the stage of development, which will spare costumers project budged. In the majority of cases you can reduce money and time intensive prototyping and testing of real parts with that early expertise to a minimum.