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Quality Assurance, sample inspection, qualification/certification

The Phenec Composite Consulting GmbH is a customer and quality oriented company.

We are used to work in the environment of the quality standard EN9100 for aerospace QM systems (based on ISO9001). With respect to this, our customers were able to assure themselves to their complete satisfaction. To meet high quality standards and to live them accordingly is not only idle talk – we will prove this in the near future: currently we are on the way to obtain the EN9100 certificate.

We offer:

•  Issue of quality relevant documents (QA plans, inspection & test plans, acceptance     plans, process control documents…)
•  Material and process documentation (Teaming with the “material & process” staff for     testing and issuing plans and reports)
•  Part qualification (Issue of plans, inspection of parts and reporting)
•  First article inspection (FAI documentation)
•  Preparatory work for certification (Readiness for Certification)
•  Validation and survey of companies; capacity check

To assure that customer requirements and statutory provisions are considered and rational implemented it is essential that sense and motivation of employees in regards to quality is adhered. Quality does have an essential influence on customer satisfaction and consequently on the company result, but also on safeness of human beings and environment – this, we shall always bear in mind.